Frans Lekoloane



About Me

Frans Lekoloane is married to Marlene Lekoloane. He is a born-again Christian. He is a mental health practitioner at a private practice in Gauteng, South Africa. He has obtained an Occupational Therapy Certificate at Tshwane University of Technology. He obtained a a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Sciences and Social Services with specialization in Community and Health Psychology at the University of South Africa. He also obtained a Christian Counselling Certificate at Siloam Ministries.

Frans Lekoloane has been in the field of mental health practice for over a decade. He has vast experience in rendering services to individuals suffering from Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Mood Disorder, Substance Use Disorder and other mental health disorders. He provides individual and group therapy sessions on a daily basis as well as offer counselling, guidance, support and educational services. 💫

My Books

Keeping up with stress: A Christian Perspective

Everyone experiences challenges at some time in their lives, such as loss, financial difficulties, relationship difficulties, work difficulties, career difficulties and other challenges.Due to hectic schedules of individuals, which affects their ability to consult face to face with the right person such as psychologist, occupational therapist, psychiatrist and counsellors, an assistance in a form of self-help book was considered. This self-help book aims at providing information, guidance, counselling and support to every individual who will have an access to this self-help book.

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